A few days in the past I went to a nearby stationery store here in

 Chiang Mai, Thailand, and there, inside the center of the floor, became a blanket spread out, and someone changed into doing a Thai rubdown session for one of the people who worked in the shop. They have to have wanted it badly!

Nobody seemed to assume that there was anything unusual about this image, and clients without a doubt walked around the impromptu rubdown setup. When I noted that I would really like a rub down additionally, all people in the store erupted with appreciative laughter. Visit :- ที่เที่ยวแปลกๆ

Today I went to a eating place for dinner. There have been no clients inner, however an unusual state of affairs become going on. One of the eating place chefs became mendacity face down on one of the timber benches in the dining area, and the other cook dinner (each girl) changed into standing on her co-employee’s thighs and was taking walks up and down her legs and buttocks while clinging to the curtain next to her to keep her precarious balance.

When I walked in in this scene, all the employees broke out into heart-felt laughter. I advised them to go proper on doing their rub down, which they did. The eating place manager changed into proper there and did no longer take any difficulty along with his employee’s extracurricular sports. Imagine such a scene in an American eating place!

I have seen similar scenes infinite instances in Thailand. In all my travels I have in no way seen any us of a where spontaneous rub down became going on as naturally and regularly as in Thailand. Thai Massage therapists set up keep anywhere: at the seaside, on the sidewalk inside the center of busy markets, on rickety wood systems during gala’s. And there are installed massage stores all over the vicinity wherein you may get a one hour consultation for $five.

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