Bijan, whose full call is Bijan Pakzad, has been a prime pressure inside the international of 

fragrances thinking about the fact that 1981 whilst he developed his first perfume for men. He in addition drew interest to his product when he presented his fragrance in Baccarat crystal flacons that have been signed and numbered. As a result, a 6 oz.. Bottle of this fragrance is now properly worth approximately $three,000.

After immigrating to the us from Iran in 1973, Bijan wasted no time getting himself set up within the worldwide of style and layout. In fact, with the aid of the use of 1976, he had installation an tremendous boutique on the mythical Rodeo Drive. His keep, that can most effective be visited by means of the use of appointment, turned into taken into consideration through many to be “the maximum high priced save within the worldwide.” Bijan although presently is living in Beverly Hills, even though he additionally has homes in New York, Milan, and Florence. Visit :-  เว็บคาสิโนบริการดี

Today, the various maximum powerful guys within the international may be visible carrying apparel designed thru Bijan. His customers include President Bush, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Anthony Hopkins, President Ronald Regan, Jay Leno, and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In addition to his garb, Bijan continues to create fragrances. His current line consists of fragrances for every women and men. In each cases, he presents the fragrances in globally patented round glass flacons which have an open center further to a dividing internet. When the fragrance is half of complete, the 2 chambers fill on their very own accord by using the use of following the clinical precept that beverages are looking for their own level. His flacons are so interesting that one is even featured as a permanent display off on the Smithsonian Institute.

Bijan has obtained numerous awards for his efforts. In 1988, his Bijan for Men fragrance won the FiFi award for “Most Successful Men’s Fragrance” from the Fragrance Foundation. His Bijan for Women fragrance took home the “Best Women’s Fragrance Package” award that equal 12 months. His Michael Jordan Cologne gained “Men’s Fragrance Star of the Year Specialty/Department Stores” in 1997 further to “Best National Advertising Campaign – Men’s.” He moreover obtained the Ig Nobel Prize in chemistry for his DNA fragrance in 1995. He turn out to be moreover covered on the “International Best Dressed List” via Vanity Fair in 1989.

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