Che Van Der Wheil devised this method to slim down the sphere

 of horses in a horse race. The Van Der Wheil – VDW approach makes use of key metrics as follows, magnificence, consistency (the remaining three finishing positions of the pony in query), capability and speed figures to asses a horse’s threat of prevailing. He said that the pony ought to be in the first 6 of the betting forecast and that the pony’s weight changed into a key element inside the horse’s hazard as weight is a leveler. Visit :- ยูฟ่าเบท168

The key to the Van Der Wheil Method was the magnificence of race (Penalty Value) that the horse had competed in. He used the analogy of a premiership soccer team triumphing all their games within the conference league. The shape of the team is good however what is form if accomplished in lower class soccer matches.

Below are 6 easy Steps on a way to study a horse racing form using the Van Der Wheil Ratings – The 6 Step VDW Method.

The key to the VDW approach is to pick out the elegance/shape horses inside the race based totally on the following criteria and location these horses in organizations B+ G+ C+ S+ and A+.

Step 1. Find pinnacle 3 OR – Official Rated Horses into Group B+

Step 2. Total the prize cash from the remaining three races a horse competed in to produce Group G+

Step 3. Pick constant horses by adding up the closing 3 race positions a horse has executed produces Group C+

Step 4. Identify pinnacle 3 horses with Top Speed figures ( TS ) produces Group S+ using the Racing Post.

Step five. Identify horses that may win in phrases of capacity equated to by means of prize money divided by using the variety of races received. Group A+

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