When anybody else is asleep, I’ll dig through my closet of DVDs and watch an

vintage black-and-white B-film thriller.

Last night, it turned into Mr. Moto’s Gamble from 1938.

The Moto films, which starred the remarkable Peter Lorre, were usually spy tales with extraordinary settings, international intrigue, and jujitsu motion.

But Gamble’s the oddball of the collection.

No globetrotting. No secret agent stuff. It’s a traditional homicide thriller. And Mr. Moto, normally an eccentric agent for unnamed employers, is a professor of criminology in San Francisco. Visit :-  เว็บพนันออนไลน์

Kinda bizarre.

Well, the truth behind the weirdness is that Mr. Moto’s Gamble started out out as a film referred to as Charlie Chan at the Ringside.

Warner Oland, who’d already starred in 16 Chan films, walked off the set in the course of the primary week of filming. Unable to lure him again, the studio did a cursory rewrite, grew to become Charlie Chan awkwardly into Mr. Moto (but left Keye Luke as Chan’s No. 1 son Lee!), and resumed taking pictures.

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