When ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit asked University of Oregon

quarterback Marcus Mariota if he wanted to win the Heisman he said “Honestly um, and I imply this really, no now not really. You know, I’d a lot as a substitute be named a Super Bowl Champion or delivered as a countrywide champion, than the Heisman Trophy. If you may exit there and be delivered that way, you realize, it says a lot extra about your group than it does about your self.” Visit :- บอลออนไลน์

Many assume that he changed into simply some other athlete who received a few desirable media training and possibly changed into no longer being as honest as he claimed in that interview. Only Mariota knows the reality, but what I do recognize is that if Mariota did his homework about different Heisman Trophy winners, he would be clever to now not want to win the award. Since he is ready to start his redshirt junior 12 months as a university graduate, it is a good bet that Marcus is as adept at doing his homework as he’s at gambling the sport of football.

The facts show that most effective 8 Heisman Trophy winners in records have ever been inducted into the National Football League Hall Of Fame. Of those 8 inductees, best one become a quarterback, Roger Staubach, who received the award in 1963 and became inducted into the NFL HOF in 1985 – Eight years earlier than Mariota become born.

Seventeen of the final twenty 5 Heisman Trophy winners were quarterbacks and probable the 2 most distinguished gamers of the seventeen are Carson Palmer and Cam Newton. Of that group, handiest Palmer, Newton and Robert Griffin III have ever been invited to play in the seasoned bowl. Only Palmer and Ty Detmer have ever started a NFL play-off sport at some stage in their NFL careers. Throwing seventeen darts at a board that randomly placed all the names of draft eligible quarterbacks all through the ones same years would probable produce a more distinguished listing of NFL quarterback careers.

So is there a Heisman Jinx as a few proclaim? I don’t assume so. More probable it’s miles a combination of things. They declare that the Heisman Trophy is to be presented to an individual specific because the extraordinary university football participant within the United States. I suppose more often than not, that isn’t the case. It has a tendency to be awarded to the nice participant on one of the first-rate teams yearly, and hype regularly overshadows overall performance within the eyes of some citizens. Regional biases additionally play a function in who wins the award. There is likewise a capacity mental component of resting in your laurels and no longer persevering with to improve after winning the award.

Of route notable university players do not always translate into first-rate professional gamers. Most university players do have aspirations of getting a professional career even though. Marcus Mariota already stated he might instead win a Super Bowl or a country wide championship, and the information display he’s much more likely to do the previous and no less in all likelihood to accomplish the latter if he does no longer win the Heisman.

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